Goshins Tavern in Lexington, KY

Address 1803 Alexandria Dr  (MAP)
Lexington, KY 40504
Phone 859-373-8861
Website N/A
4.2 / 5
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Awesome Pool and Darts. CASH ONLY!

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$1.00 Dom. Beer 10oz Mug Bud light Draft 3-7pm M T W R F Sa Happy Hour Price John
$1.50 Dom. Beer Bottle 12oz long necks 3pm -7pm M T W R F Sa Happy Hour Price John
$2.00 Dom. Beer Bottle 12oz Bud light, Miller Lite M T W R F Sa John
$2.50 Mixed Bev/Liq Glass 2.50 wells w/o juice M T W R F Sa Happy Hour Price John
$2.75 Mixed Bev/Liq Glass 2.75 well drinks w/ juice M T W R F Sa Happy Hour Price John
$4.00 Dom. Beer Pitcher Bud light Draft 3-7 M T W R F Sa Happy Hour Price John
$4.50 Dom. Beer Pitcher Bud light Pitcher M T W R F Sa John
$9.00 Dom. Beer Bucket Bucket of 6 domestic bottles M T W R F Sa John

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John wrote on Nov 18 at 11:34 pm

I always forget how awesome Goshins is. I tend to forget during the summer, but once it gets cold, and I need some pool action Goshins is the place to be. They have league nights and great drink prices. You really can't beat it if you are looking for a game of pool. Love me some Goshins

John wrote on Feb 4 at 2:58 pm

Dropped by last Saturday. The band (Blind Justice) was really good. Check out my pictures

Lil L wrote on Nov 7 at 9:14 pm

There is always a good time to be had at Goshins! The darts are the most fun!

jwcummings2004 wrote on Nov 2 at 5:02 am

i must agree with bar fly on this being one of the coolest and least visited bars in lexington. so if you don't like large crowds of drunken assholes, come on out and you might just run into me.

Bar Fly wrote on Oct 10 at 8:07 pm

If you are looking for large crowds, bartenders that are too busy to get you a drink, and patrons dressed to a T, then this is not the bar for you. But if you like a laid back, friendly atmosphere, cheap drinks and bartenders that try to learn your name, then check out Goshin's. Some may consider it a little yokel, but you cannot beat their pool tables (.75 per game) and their free darts. Also, the owners provide free food (usually hot dogs and chips) for the UK games.

John wrote on Sep 12 at 7:01 pm

Awesome bar located in the Gardenside community of Lexington. This bar has the best drink prices in town. It's easy to stay entertained with the many billiards tables and dart boards available.

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