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We love bars and restaurants! Big ones, little ones, clean ones, dirty ones, some with music, some with TVs, some with darts and pool tables and some with nothing at all. What we don't like is over-pricing, hidden pricing and pricing that abuses the customers. We believe that if a business is going to take our money, it should do so with no strings attached in a good, honest fashion.

Drink Prices is dedicated to people who love bars and restaurants as much as we do. This site is maintained by the users and it survives because of the users. Users are our eyes, ears, hands and mouths across the globe. As much as we aspire to be omnipresent, it just isn't the case. Our users supply the prices, reviews, pictures and everything else.


We cannot guarantee prices or information posted on the site. Users can edit prices that other users post. In the process of editing a price, the last user to touch the price is responsible for that price. In the event that someone intentionally posts false information, SPAM, or abuses the system in any way we shall permanently DELETE THIS USER. So, be honest. Should you become aware of any suspicious activity, please contact us immediately!

We will do our best to keep information accurate, but there are going to be prices that are incorrect or out-of-date. That is why there is a phone number posted on every bar page. Simply pick up the phone and call the bar. Otherwise, you might be a little surprised when those $1 beers were actually $5.

Finally, we would love to hear from you. Use the contact form located on the site to send us praise. We love praise. You can also send questions or suggestions and we'll try earnestly to answer.

Have fun, drink responsibly and save money!

The Drink Prices Team

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