Baby Blues in Austin, TX

Address 8440 Burnet Rd. Suite 100  (MAP)
Austin, TX 78758
Phone 512-454-8608
Website N/A
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$1.50 Dom. Beer Bottle 12oz $1.50Lonestar TALLBOYS all the Time! M T W R F Sa Su John
$2.00 Dom. Beer Bottle 12oz $2.00 Domestics open-7pm M T W R F Sa Su Happy Hour Price John
$2.00 Mixed Bev/Liq Glass $2.00 Wells M T W R F Sa Su Happy Hour Price John
$2.50 Imp. Beer Bottle 12oz $2.50 Imports open-7pm M T W R F Sa Su Happy Hour Price John

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gm95 wrote on Dec 2 at 3:12 am

Yea so this asian/co owner, so I've heard, refused to serve me, with his REALLY bad chopped hair cut, acting overly waaay cool with his " not serving you" I said "I'm sorry, did you say your not serving me?" Not slurring or staggering at all. mind you, he looked away abruptly, Well, I did just get off work, and I did just have one beer, no lie, no really no lie, long day. This guys a fuggin idiot! No dude YOUR A FUCKING IDIOT. So cool in your "Zone" of busyness, but seriously I've seen you dumbass around, I will call you out on this, not a threat by no means, but just to tell you about your really bad judgement. and possibly your really bad chopped haircut, hope you didnt pay for that. cause now I know now your a complete dumbass, and honestly, completely honest, You suck man. I really coulda used a beer before I got home, thats my point here. YOU REFUSED TO SERVE A SOBER PERSON WHO WAS A REALLY TIRED, BEAT DOWN MAN FROM A EVER SO LONG SHIFT AT "OPAL DIVINES", YOUR AN IDIOT, You've heard this before, I sware on it. Right? yeah you know I am. Fuck off dude!!!!!!!!!!!!

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