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Budweiser: The Great American Lager? Should it change its slogan?
YES! The InBev buyout ticks me off!
NO! It is still THE KING OF BEERS in USA
Doesn't matter: Miller, Coors, they're all foreign owned
Who cares?
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Tiny Tav wrote on Aug 22 at 12:25 pm

It is Still the King of Beers! It still is brewed in America, and it still employs thousands of Americans. You'd be dumb if let ownership change your opinion of one of the largest American employers. Get over it.

Sunny Day wrote on Aug 22 at 12:19 pm


Sunny Day wrote on Aug 22 at 12:17 pm

American Beer should be American owned. Budweisser isn't American. Sam Adams is the great American Beer now.

Tammy wrote on Aug 22 at 12:11 pm

Aren't most beers marketed by its style? Budweiser is an American Lager, therefore it shouldn't matter who owns it. American is the style, not the ownership of the company. If anything they should change the adverb; "Great".

John wrote on Aug 22 at 12:07 pm

It really shouldn't matter, marketing is marketing, but I think it does reflect poorly on American intellect. If something is called "The Great American Lager" and there isn't anything American about it, that is pretty dumb. The name Budweiser is German, the company is now Belgian owned... So really the only thing American are the people who buy and drink it. So if you want a slogan that fits, "Budweiser: The Beer American's Buy. . . Sometimes".

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