45 bars within 50 miles of Sharpsville, PANew Location

Distance Bar Name Begins with

Name Address City Distance Map
T & G Lounge 1404 North Canfield Niles Road Niles, OH 16.3 mi MAP
T J'S Hideaway 346 Spithaler School Road Evans City, PA 39.4 mi MAP
T-Bar 1321 Herman Road Cabot, PA 49.8 mi MAP
Talerico's Bar & Grill 2300 Duss Avenue Ambridge, PA 48.1 mi MAP
Tamarack Tavern 8904 South Wayland Road Meadville, PA 30.5 mi MAP
Taylor's Pub 5131 State Route 322 Windsor, OH 33.3 mi MAP
Taylor's Tavern 223 Stitt Road Beaver Falls, PA 35.4 mi MAP
Teddy's Bar & Grill 304 Main Avenue Aliquippa, PA 46.8 mi MAP
Teenie's Tavern 3011 South Avenue Youngstown, OH 15.9 mi MAP
The Beer Garden 2399 Oneida Valley Road Petrolia, PA 39.1 mi MAP
The Lake Tavern 6071 State Route 46 Cortland, OH 14.9 mi MAP
The Last Laff 123 South Main Street Chicora, PA 42.2 mi MAP
The Pirates Cove Bar & Grill 4196 Main Avenue Ashtabula, OH 45 mi MAP
The Point 124 Brighton Avenue Rochester, PA 39.8 mi MAP
The Pub 203 North Liberty Street New Castle, PA 20.9 mi MAP
The Quip Stop Bar and GRI 2320 Sheffield Road Aliquippa, PA 46.8 mi MAP
The Wet Spot 1875 Elm Road Northeast Warren, OH 18.7 mi MAP
Theodore's Banquet Center 1404 Main Street Mineral Ridge, OH 18.7 mi MAP
Third Base Inn 1026 11th Avenue Beaver Falls, PA 35.4 mi MAP
Three's Company Lounge 40 South Meridian Road Youngstown, OH 16.8 mi MAP
Tiffany's Bar & Grille 7120 Tiffany Boulevard Youngstown, OH 19.3 mi MAP
Time Out Grille 11095 Chardon Road Chardon, OH 44 mi MAP
Time Out Sports Bar & Grill 7160 State Route 303 Windham, OH 31.2 mi MAP
Toey's Tavern 958 East Midlothian Boulevard Youngstown, OH 15.9 mi MAP
Tom's Tavern 1938 State Route 322 Orwell, OH 26.6 mi MAP

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