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Price Type Size Description Where to get it City
$0.25 Dom. Beer Pint 16oz $.25 pbr 5pm-7pm / 11pm-2am Cafe Metropolitain LLC Seattle
$1.00 Dom. Beer Bottle 12oz $1 PBR when you get a shot Highway 99 Blues Club Seattle
$1.00 Dom. Beer Pint 16oz $1 PBR 3-9 Whisky Bar Seattle
$1.00 Dom. Beer Pint 16oz Pabst Blue Ribbon Top of Tacoma Bar & Cafe Tacoma
$1.50 Dom. Beer Can 12oz Lucky, Hamms and Busch Light Cans Scotty's Sullivan Scoreboard Veradale
$1.75 Dom. Beer Bottle 12oz Rainier: $1.75 3-7 Conor Byrne Pub Seattle
$1.75 Dom. Beer 10oz Mug Pabst - $1.75 The People's Pub Seattle
$1.75 Dom. Beer Pint 16oz Happy Hour 4pm-7pm - Daily Summit Pub Puyallup
$2.00 Mixed Bev/Liq Glass Well Drinks (4-6pm) Chinook's at Salmon Bay Seattle
$2.00 Wine Glass House Wine (4-6pm) Chinook's at Salmon Bay Seattle
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Most recent comments about bars in WA

Jossmith13 wrote on Aug 3 at 4:41 am

Excellent bar! Amazing owners and bartender. Literally a gem.

Jkgclg wrote on Feb 5 at 12:20 pm

We stopped in this tavern and enjoyed every bit of it. Awesome customer service and very clean....and yes cold beer! Will be stopping in as often as possible. Sorry to hear others don't care for the law but what can you do about these people.....nothing just kick back and smile or laugh at them whatever your preferrence.

4JOEY wrote on Jan 15 at 6:22 am

Nope. 100% shit. Only beer or "Whine"... My experience can be summed up as such: I entered this establishment on a Friday, and was turned away because my friend had a vertical I.D.....She was of age "21", but according to their rules
not allowed to drink or in... That wasn't a problem for the group of "3" who happened to all be of age, as we all passed it off and agreed maybe next time. UNFORTUNATELY next time turned out to be a horrible experience as they harassed me over my I.D. over 15+mins and concluded the harassment with a quote from "JHONNY" himself "GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY BAR, YOU'RE WASTING MY FUCKING TIME".... In this town I have never received such inconsiderate treatment, nor have I witnessed, so I will publicly explain the problem before it becomes a town topic. I do not wish to deal with this individual nor care to see his business grow accordingly. I have never in my entire life experienced such awful customer service.

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